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The Woman with a Purple Heart

The Woman with a Purple Heart

Diane Hanks

On Sale Date: November 7, 2023

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Based on the untold story of Lt. and Chief Nurse Annie Fox, who was the first woman to ever be awarded the Purple Heart, for her heroic leadership during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Hickam Field

In early November 1941, Annie Fox is an Army nurse in the Philippines when she’s transferred to Hickam Field in Honolulu. The other soldiers and nurses on her transport plane to the island of Oahu are thrilled to have the opportunity to work in paradise. But Annie sees her new duty station as the Army’s way of holding the door open to her retirement. For which she is clearly not ready.

The hospital is as new as everything else at Hickam Field, which resembles a small town, one that happens to house scores of B-17 bombers. Between the bombers at Hickam and the battleships next door at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii is an offensive powerhouse for the United States and, thus, a big target for its enemies. 

Annie’s on her way to work when the first Japanese Zero fighter plane flies over Hickam’s Parade Ground, so low she can see the pilot wave. The death and destruction that follow leave her no time to process what’s happening. What follows is an intense day, filled with unexpected alliances and undo hardships – especially when one of Annie’s friends and fellow nurses, who is Japanese American, is arrested under suspicion of being a subversive, putting Annie’s love for her country to the test. 

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