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Explanatorium of the Earth

Explanatorium of the Earth


On Sale Date: May 21, 2024

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Welcome to the Explanatorium of the Earth – the only Earth encyclopedia for children you’ll ever need, with amazing photographs of everything from supervolcanoes to tsunamis.

What makes volcanoes erupt? Why are tornadoes and hurricanes so destructive? How do rocks, fossils, and gems form? Explanatorium of the Earth takes you on an incredible voyage deep into the heart of our planet and back to discover the powerful forces that continually shape and remodel our ever-changing world. Discover how tectonic plates tear apart and collide, moving inch by inch to create continents, mountain ranges, oceans, and volcanoes. Witness the destructive power of earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Learn how the slow but relentless process of erosion and weathering wear away rock, reducing mountains to dust and carving valleys and canyons into the land. And learn how the living world and rock cycles have worked together for millions of years to stabilize the planet’s climate, keeping Earth suitable for life.

Series Overview: The ambitious new landmark series that reimagines core reference topics.

Packed with innovative, newly commissioned photography, alongside amazing macro detail, cross-sections, exploded, time lapse, x-ray, and ultra-violet images. See how science and nature work as never before.

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