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Hornbeam All In

Hornbeam All In

Cynthia Rylant, Arthur Howard (Illustrated by)

December 5, 2023

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It’s three stories in one picture book as Hornbeam the moose embarks on adventures with his friends in this first installment in the series from the creative team behind the Gooseberry Park, Motor Mouse, and the Mr. Putter & Tabby books!

Hornbeam is a charismatic moose who loves puzzles and potato salad and, most of all, his friends. Come join the pals on their many adventures!

In “Eureka and the Picnic,” Hornbeam’s best goose friend, Eureka, invites him to a picnic. Hornbeam is looking forward to the potato salad, but with hundreds of geese relatives looking to chat, will he ever get a bite?

In “Sleeping at Cuddy’s House,” Hornbeam sleeps over at his friend Cuddy the bull’s house. Cuddy is happy to have him but finds out Hornbeam is a very loud snorer. Cuddy tries everything to stop the snoring, but to no avail. What is a sleepy bull to do?

In “At the Pool with Adorabelle,” Hornbeam, Eureka, and Cuddy go to cheer on their skunk friend Adorabelle at her swim race. Hornbeam can’t swim, so Adorabelle offers to give him swimming lessons. With some help from his pals, can Hornbeam face his fears and brave the pool?
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