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Jurassic Jeff: Race to Warp Speed (Jurassic Jeff Book 2) : (A Graphic Novel)

Jurassic Jeff: Race to Warp Speed (Jurassic Jeff Book 2) : (A Graphic Novel)

Royden Lepp

May 28, 2024

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Jeff the alien is ready to take his dino-friends on a quest to find their missing family. . .that is if he can remember where he put his warp drive first. Embark on a hilarious adventure filled with zany lizard adversaries, and the heartwarming strength of friendship in this must-read Middle Grade graphic novel. Perfect for fans of Cat Kid Comic Club.

Having just made his first friend, Hungry, the T-rex, Jeff wants  to make a good impression and that means helping out, right? Like maybe helping Hungry find his missing family. (At least, that is what Jeff thinks they are supposed to do? ...He's still very new to this friend thing.)

Jeff decides to fix his ship so they can fly around for their search but first they'll need to find his lost warp drive! Too bad a rival group of flying reptiles wants to use the it for themselves! Dive into this dino-dilemma and find out if Jeff can save the day and be a good friend!

Series Overview: The second book of a three book series: Jurassic Jeff #1 : Space Invader - Summer 23, Jurassic Jeff #2 : Warp Speed - Summer 24, Jurassic Jeff #3 : Phone Home - Summer 25

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