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Keep It Up, Cutie! : A Not-Quite Self-Help Book

Keep It Up, Cutie! : A Not-Quite Self-Help Book

Anna Przy, Nic Farrell (Illustrated by)

February 27, 2024

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et ready to dive into this must-read compilation of honest and hilariously encouraging messages designed to make you giggle your way into believing you're already enough— just the way you are!

Anna Przy, the viral role model of boundary-setting and self-acceptance, shares relatable realness for anybody who feels burnt out from a lifetime of hustle culture. Often concluding with her iconic "Keep it up, cutie. I'm so frickin' proud of you," these videos have exploded on TikTok and Instagram, garnering more “likes” than there are cups of coffee at a tech startup (More than 24 million . . .but who’s counting). 

Whether you're in desperate need of a pick-me-up on those rough days, a break during the never-ending ones, or a pep talk that can lift your spirits, Anna Przy is your girl. And because stickers are like the fairy dust of adulthood, there is a sticker sheet featuring her most cherished catchphrases and little reminders to treat yourself like the rockstar you are. 

Relatable, hilarious, and always on point, Keep It Up, Cutie! gives you permission to reject society's expectations and ask yourself, "What the heck do I truly want out of life?" With whimsical illustrations by Nic Farrell, this book is your go-to gift for anyone searching for a happier way forward.

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