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Midnight Is The Darkest Hour

Midnight Is The Darkest Hour

Ashley Winstead

On Sale Date: October 3, 2023

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What do you fear most in the dark? The Low Man...or yourself?

In a small bayou town in Louisiana, people fear God's wrath and local superstitions – like the story of the Low Man, a vampiric figure who steals into sinners’ homes to kill them on moonless nights. The daughter of the town’s fire-and-brimstone preacher is not immune to the fear. But when a skull found deep in the swamp reunites her with a man from her past with a dark reputation, she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her town from evil: not the horrors rumored to dwell in the swamp, but the real evil that walks among them.

Midnight Is the Darkest Hour is a powerful and chilling examination of obsessive love, the way stories shape us, and what happens when the best choice we can make is to unleash our own dark beasts.

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