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The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room

Terry Miles

On Sale Date: October 3, 2023

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Faced with the almost certain destruction of the multiverse, two loners must locate—and save—the dangerous and mysterious underground game Rabbits, set in the world of the hit podcast, and directly following the events of the first novel.

The lore and legends around the mysterious alternate reality game deepen and gain new dimensions in this sequel to Rabbits, as a Rabbits afficionado named Emily Connors suddenly finds herself trapped in a reality where the game does not exist. At all. Except...why do these mysterious figures keep showing up to stop her every time she goes looking? Does Rabbits truly not exist, or is it being hidden? And if so, why? And by whom?

Meanwhile, architect and theme park designer Rowan Chess is having the weirdest month of his life, full of odd conicidences and people who seem to appear one moment, then vanish from existence the next, with no trace they were ever present. The game that is hiding from Emily seems to have found Rowan—with a vengeance. 

But it is only when Rowan and Emily meet that things start to get dangerous, for together they uncover a conspiracy far deeper and deadlier that either of them expected. And one which could forever change the nature not only of the game, but of reality itself.
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