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The Ruthless Fae King

The Ruthless Fae King

Leia Stone

On Sale Date: March 5, 2024

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USA Today bestselling author Leia Stone raises the stakes in the third book in the epic Kings of Avalier series. The Ruthless Fae King is a must-read fantasy romance brimming with unexpected love and fierce magic, perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas

As the Princess of Fall, nineteen-year-old Madelynn is duty-bound to marry whatever suitor her father chooses for her. She never expected he would promise her to Lucien Thorn, the vile Fae King who has caused unimaginable loss in their kingdom. She marches into their betrothal making it clear she will never be happy to be his wife, but when they spend time together, he treats her with respect and kindness, and she begins to question all the rumors about him. 

As she learns the truth about his dark family history, Madelynn can’t help but feel a growing sense of protection for the king. But there’s a catastrophic war brewing and enemies among them are willing to do anything in their power to keep Madelynn from Lucien in an effort to weaken him. 

Madelynn never goes down without a fight, though, and she will do whatever it takes to defeat her enemies and save her kingdom. And as much as Madelynn wants to hate Lucien Thorne for everything he’s done to her realm…she cannot deny her heart. 

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