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Villains Academy

Villains Academy

Ryan Hammond

June 25, 2024

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In the spirit of The Bad Guys and Amelia Fang, this first adventurous romp in the illustrated middle grade Villains Academy series follows a young werewolf who realizes he’s a nice guy at heart while attending a villainous school for monsters.

Villains Academy is the most prestigious of villain schools where being bad feels so good and the classes are guaranteed to make students leave as fully formed villains…or in pieces! On werewolf Bram’s first day at Villains Academy, he doesn’t feel like a villain at all. The other monsters seem way scarier and more diabolical than he could ever be.

When it’s announced the coveted Villain of the Week trophy is up for grabs, Bram decides to prove himself by claiming the prize—but he’ll have to dig deep to connect with his inner villain. With the help of new friends Mona the elf-witch, Bryan the lion, Shelia the ghost, and Tony the skeleton, can Bram become the big bad he’s always dreamed of being?

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