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Watch It Burn : A Novel

Watch It Burn : A Novel

Kristen Bird

On Sale Date: March 12, 2024

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For fans of Lisa Jewell and Chandler Baker, this twisty psychological suspense novel follows three women investigating the death of a high-profile local woman in a small Southern town. When they find a connection to a cultish personal development group, their discoveries have scorching consequences for the whole community.

Recently returned to Edenberg to save a dying marriage, mother-of-two Jenny also hopes to rekindle her dwindling journalism career by investigating the untimely death of Beverly Hoffman, co-founder of local personal development company Patreus Inc. and influential member of the community. Her instincts tell her there is more to this case than meets the eye. For starters, how could Beverly – or anyone – drown in just a few inches of water?

Jenny’s friend Nichole has never left Edenberg. She’s recently descended into a habit of drinking and one night stands and, one hungover morning, after leaving a sleeping man in her bed, she discovers Beverly’s body. Already grieving the loss of her sister and the end of her relationship, the return of her friend and an investigation are welcome distractions.

With the help of Beverly’s daughter-in-law, Robin, the women work to unravel the mystery of Beverly’s death and find that Patreus Inc. holds a perilous power over not only those who attend their workshops, but the entire community.

As the truth is unveiled, old secrets will be drawn to the surface. Secrets that will set the whole town ablaze.

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