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What Did You Do?

What Did You Do?

Jeneane O'Riley

June 25, 2024

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From breakout TikTok sensation Jeneane O'Riley comes the highly anticipated second book in the Infatuated Fae series, full of forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance, twisty betrayals, and fairy tale magic.

Finally reunited with her family, Caly struggles to adjust to her new life and the decisions she made to get there. After giving up everything for them, she eagerly awaits the ceremony to receive the second half of her heart and become whole, even though it comes at an unsettling cost: she must marry Prince Aurelius and solidify her place within the Seelie Court. But as she prepares, Caly finds herself haunted by the memory of Malum Mendax, the Unseelie Prince, always feeling eyes on her among the shadowy silhouettes in her room and even touching him in her dreams. What Caly doesn't know is that it's more than just his memory that haunts her. Malum Mendax has returned to punish his pet and those that took her away from him.

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