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ADHD for Smart Ass Women : How to Fall in Love with Your Neurodivergent Brain

ADHD for Smart Ass Women : How to Fall in Love with Your Neurodivergent Brain

Tracy Otsuka

December 26, 2023

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With groundbreaking research, expert interviews, and personal stories, certified ADHD coach and podcaster Tracy Otsuka debunks misinformation about ADHD in women and gives readers tools to play into their strengths, achieve success in a neurotypical world, and fall in love with their ADHD brains. 

ADHD is one of the most diagnosed neurological disorders in the U.S.—yet approximately 90% of women with ADHD remain undiagnosed. Instead, many ADHD women are misdiagnosed with anxiety or depression, and because of the gender gap in medical research, most doctors aren’t even aware of what ADHD looks like in girls and women. But even without an official diagnosis, women can find the magic in their neurodivergent brains. 

Enter Tracy Otsuka, certified ADHD coach, attorney, and podcast host of “ADHD for Smart Ass Women.” After being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Otsuka started her podcast to help women better understand their dazzling, creative ADHD brains.

Now, taking everything she’s learned from coaching thousands of women and the latest medical research, Otsuka presents a comprehensive and unprecedented guidebook for women with ADHD. Readers will learn all about the drastically different symptoms and impacts ADHD has on woman—from unexplained underachievement to hormone dysfunction to eating disorders—and a load of enviable behaviors and positive outcomes: overflowing creativity, devoted focus, deep empathy, entrepreneurship, comfort in risk-taking, and more productivity at work. And because ADHD symptoms impact women differently, there is an entirely new set of strategies to deploy to discover their strengths and find their confidence. In entertaining chapters designed for the ADHD brain, readers will find tools and easy-to-implement solutions written specifically for women to harness the benefits of their neurodivergent brains.

A revelatory and long overdue guide, ADHD for Smart Ass Women gives readers the keys to unlock their unrealized potential and understand their brilliant brains. Along the way, Otsuka rejects the common misconceptions and stigmas around ADHD, and highlights the ways women can tap into their neurodivergent strengths. By looking at their lives and their brains in a completely new light, readers will learn how to pivot their symptoms into superpowers. 

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