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Everything for You

Everything for You

Chloe Liese

February 6, 2024

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The TikTok sensation, now with new exclusive content!

Enemies become lovers in this sizzling sports romance about taking a chance on love when life’s taught you it’s a losing game.

Oliver Bergman is a beloved rising soccer star, all sunshine smiles and the heart of his team’s spirit. To make matters worse, he’s obscenely attractive. In short: he’s genetically designed to get under misanthropic, miserable Gavin’s aggravated skin.

Ten years older than Oliver and a legendary player at the end of his career, Gavin Hayes is the team’s demanding captain. He’s also a giant—albeit gorgeous—grump who lives to rain on Oliver’s parade. Especially when Oliver and Gavin are named cocaptains of the team.

Sick of their hostility, Coach gives them an ultimatum: put an end to their enmity or say goodbye to being captains. Forced to finally to lower their guards, Gavin and Oliver realize that they also have chemistry off the field, and it’s fueled by something much more powerful than competition—an explosive attraction.
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