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Pronto : A Novel

Pronto : A Novel

Elmore Leonard

On Sale Date: January 3, 2012

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Featuring Raylan Givens from the FX series Justified, this sequel to Pronto is yet another crime story from the legendary Elmore Leonard that’ll keep readers on the edge of their seat straight through to the finish

Well-known South Miami Beach bookie Harry Arno was grossing seven thousand a week running sports bets. He split fifty-fifty with local wiseguy Jimmy Capotorto, aka Jimmy Cap, but by skimming off the top for twenty years, Harry had stashed away enough to retire. Everything was set for his name–change and vanishing act to the Italian Riviera with his girlfirend, Joyce, right after the Super Bowl. Harry Arno felt like a lucky man.

He felt wrong. An FBI assault on organized crime had targeted Jimmy Cap, and Harry was set up as the fall guy to help them do it. Now “Zip,” a Sicilian in a classic black suit, had a reason to want Harry dead. Raylan Givens, a Stetson-wearing U.S. Marshall, had the job of keeping him alive. And from Miami to Rapallo, Italy, Harry Arno had plans of his own to clean up the past, guarantee his future…and let drawling Raylan Givens go one–on–one across two continents with the mob.

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