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Queens of Themiscyra

Queens of Themiscyra

Hannah Lynn

On Sale Date: May 7, 2024

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Sisters. Mothers. Lovers. Warriors. This is the story of two Amazon queens and the lengths they'll go to protect what's theirs.

In ancient Themiscyra, Hippolyte rules as queen of the Amazons with her sister Penthesilea at her side. Feared throughout Greece, their skills on the battlefield are unrivalled. But when a ship lands on their shores, it brings something more dangerous than the threat of war. It brings Theseus, the legendary king of Athens…

Swept away by a love unlike any she’s ever known, Hippolyte leaves her people and, in her stead, Penthesilea leads the Amazons with a ferocity and impulsiveness that spreads terror across the Aegean.

But men of myth are not the golden heroes we’d wish them to be, and, back in Athens, Hippolyte finds herself trapped in her new life. She’s a queen without her people, a warrior without her army, and a mother without her family. But she remains an Amazon, and she’s ready to wage her own war. And across the sea, Penthesilea is willing to do the same.

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