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The Adjustment

The Adjustment

Suzanne Young

November 14, 2023

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Two teens struggle to recapture their love after one of them goes through The Program in this gut-wrenching fifth book in Suzanne Young’s New York Times bestselling series—now with a reimagined look.

Tatum Masterson never went through The Program. She never had her memory stripped, never had to fight to remain herself. But Weston, her longtime boyfriend and love of her life, did. Even as he was taken by handlers, Tatum hoped he’d remember her somehow—that their love would be strong enough.

It wasn’t.

Like all returners, Weston comes back a blank canvas. The years he and Tatum spent together are forgotten, as well as the week he mysteriously disappeared before The Program came for him. Still, Tatum fights to get Weston to remember her. They start to build a new love, then they hear about the Adjustment—a new therapy that implants memories from a donor. Despite the risks, Tatum donates her memories from their time together so Weston can remember what he lost.

But memories are all a matter of perspective. Weston only has one side of their love story, and his emotions don’t match his borrowed experiences. The heartbreaking, mind-bending discrepancy slowly unravels him, causing more damage than The Program itself. As their new life together feels more untenable, Tatum will have to decide if she loves Weston enough to let him go.
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