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To Die Beautiful : A Novel

To Die Beautiful : A Novel

Buzzy Jackson

On Sale Date: May 7, 2024

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NOW IN PAPERBACK, a heartrending and timely novel based on a true story about a young woman who joins the Nazi resistance during WWII to protect the people and country she loves, by award-winning writer Buzzy Jackson

It’s 1940 and Hannie Schaft is a shy nineteen-year-old law student living in Nazi-occupied Holland with ambitious goals for her future. But dreams die in wartime, and Hannie’s closest friends are no longer safe as fascism insidiously rises in her country. Driven by love and moral outrage, Hannie soon becomes an armed member of the Dutch Resistance movement.

Hannie discovers her own untapped ferocity—wearing lipstick and heels to lure powerful Nazis close and assassinate them at point-blank range, and bombing munitions factories. She also discovers a new family in her fellow resistance fighters, and even a dashing love interest.

But as she is drawn deeper into a web of plots, disguises and assassinations, whispers spread like wildfire among enemy and friend alike. They all know of her, if not her name: she’s “the Girl with Red Hair.” A match for any Nazi soldier. A true threat. And a target. All the while, she must also fight a battle within herself, to "stay human" (blijf menselijk) amidst all of the ugliness of the war . . . a promise increasingly difficult to keep.
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