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Warriors: A Starless Clan #5: Wind

Warriors: A Starless Clan #5: Wind

Erin Hunter

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The adventure continues in the fifth book of the eighth pawsome story arc in Erin Hunter's #1 bestselling Warriors series!

Frostpaw has returned to the lake just in time to reveal all she knows at the Gathering—but the Clans are reluctant to believe an apprentice who’s already admitted to lying about her visions in the past, and she is forced to take refuge in ShadowClan as Splashtail seizes control of her home. 

While the other Clan leaders debate whether to interfere any further in RiverClan affairs, Nightheart returns to ThunderClan. But what should be a happy reunion with his mate is more complicated than he or Sunbeam expected. Nightheart has his paws full teaching Clan ways to the two park cats who followed him home, and Sunbeam’s efforts to fit in as the newest member of ThunderClan  are hampered by her concerns for her mother, who is paying for her treachery with exile and illness. As Berryheart’s schemes take an alarming new turn—and Splashtail’s ambitions turn toward violence—a few cats’ efforts may not be enough to preserve the peace. 

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