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Women of Good Fortune : A Novel

Women of Good Fortune : A Novel

Sophie Wan

On Sale Date: March 5, 2024

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Set against a high-society Shanghai wedding, a debut novel in the vein of Counterfeit and Crazy Rich Asians, in which the reluctant bride and her two best friends, each with their own personal motives and fed up with the way society treats women, forge a plan to steal all the gift money on the big day.

Lulu has always been taught that money is the ticket to a good life. So, when Shanghai’s most eligible bachelor surprises her with a proposal, the only acceptable answer is yes, even if the voice inside her head is saying no. His family’s fortune would solve all her parents’ financial woes, but Lulu isn’t in love or ready for marriage.

The only people she can confide in are her two best friends: Career-minded Rina, who is tired of being passed over for promotion while her male colleagues are rewarded; and Jane, a sharp-tongued, luxury-chasing housewife desperate to divorce her husband and trade up. Each of them desires something different: freedom, time, beauty. None of them can get it without money.

Lulu’s wedding is their golden opportunity. The social event of the season, it means more than enough cash gifts to transform the women’s lives. To steal the money on the big day, all they’ll need is a trustworthy crew and a brilliant plan. But as the plot grows increasingly complicated and relationships are caught in the crossfire, the women are forced to face that having it all might come at a steep price...

With the feminist caper of Counterfeit and the high society world of Crazy Rich Asians, Women of Good Fortune is a heartfelt, funny, dazzling debut.

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